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For safe, convenient, dry heat sterilization of small instruments. Destroys all microorganisms, including spores, in seconds. No gases or fumes, no open flames, no harsh concentrated liquids. GLASS BEAD STERILIZERS are incorporated with an imported thermostat, which maintains the set temperature with an accuracy of ± 1% of the preset range. These units, having a stainless steel body, are compact enough to be placed on any Laminar Air Flow Work benches or any other workside tables in a clean room atmosphere.Instrument well is filled with glass beads, maintained at 245°C-.265°C.  To sterilize instrument working surface, simply plunge it into the beads for 10 seconds. This Sterilizer accepts medium and longer instruments. For convenience, the sterilizer may remain on all day.




Cabinet Size L × W × H

15 × 15 × 19 cm

Crucible (Brass) size

4 cm dia. × 14 cm Depth

Preset Temperature Range

245°C – 265°C

Initial Stabilization Time

30 Minutes


220V/ 50 Hz , 250 W Single Phase

Glass Beads

500gr ; 1.5 – 2 mm dia.


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