Orsat Fisher Analyser

Orsat Fisher Analyser
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The Orsat Analyzer is designed for analysis of integrated or grab bag samples from fossil fuel emission sources. It can be used to determine determine Carbon Dioxide, Oxygen, and Carbon Monoxide concentrations from these samples. The liquid-filled leveling bottle uses a graduated glass burette and absorption pipettes containing absorbing reagents to measure the percent of each gas in an integrated sample. The burette is water jacketed for temperature stability.


  • 3 ea Gas adsorption pipets
  • 1 ea Manifold with stopcocks
  • 1 ea Manifold
  • 1 ea Gas buret with jacket
  • 1 ea Leveling bottle, 250 ml
  • 1 ea U Tube
  • 1 ea Rubber bulb
  • 1 ea Rubber balloon for safety 
  • 1 ea Rubber tube
  • 1 ea wooden case with cover

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